Stunt & Special Effects

Stunt & Special Effects

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Due to its many years of shared experiences, the well attuned and excellently trained stunt- and special effects team is able to develop even the most dangerous stunts and special effects in a routine manner and forms one of the main areas of production concept’s services.

Because of its outstanding technical equipment, satisfying all demands, even for the most extraordinary stunts, a perfect picture language is guaranteed. It is with good reason the stunt team has won the “Taurus World Stunt Award”, the “Oscar” in this line of business, seven times already.

Tailored to the customer’s demand, the stunt- and special effects department offers a team of qualified specialists who develop, prepare and guarantee perfectly executed action sequences for spectacular stunts and effects.

Technical know how, permanent development, investments in top products and constant training of the crew, ensure the safety, security and reliability of production concept’s stunt and special effects department.

Actionreel 2016Actionreel 2016
Fightreel 2016Fightreel 2016


  • stunt development
  • 2nd unit direction
  • stunt coordination
  • wirework
  • body action
  • fight choreography
  • Roll Rigg (Watch video)
  • vehicle stunts (e.g. cars, trucks, motorbikes, jet-ski etc.)
  • fire stunts
  • special effects